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Consumers with bad credit now have prepaid cable option

By Kristen Lawrence

19/10/2010 - Active Broadband Networks recently announced that it will now be offering the PrePaid Service System for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications Data Services.

The credit card processing system can operate without being linked to existing billing systems. The service is activated after the payment has been processed and will terminate once the purchased time has expired.

Cable users who have the system will be presented with a portal where they can select the service of their choice and pay with a credit or debit card. In addition, they can choose the service speed, usage volume and duration.

The prepaid service was created to provide another option for consumers who have bad credit or cannot pay their cable bills. Even if they are unable to sign a contract with a high speed data provider, these consumers will now have the option to access some broadband features for a limited time.

"Using the PrePaid System, service can be extended to customers failing credit requirements and the PrePaid System can be used as a mechanism to enable credit terms to be adjusted," said Adam Dunstan the president of Active Broadband Networks.

This builds upon the existing prepaid card option for consumers whose credit history prevents them from obtaining a credit card at a reasonable rate. Prepaid cards can help consumers rebuild their credit and make purchases that require credit cards. 

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