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Multi-function POS terminals are the wave of the future

By Kristen Lawrence

28/04/2010 - With the advent of multiple methods of payment processing, merchants have begun favoring multi-functional point-of-sale terminals to increase efficiency, reports.

The new all-in-one terminals are now able to perform tasks that required several peripherals in the past, as well as clogged counter space and compiled equipment costs. These systems can now be programmed to handle sales of all different payment processes, in addition to exchanges, returns, layaways, discounts and even coupons or promotions. Merchant Account Guide writer Hally Z. writes that, as a result, "customers are more likely to purchase from that merchant because their transactions take less time to complete."

The multi-functioning platforms typically run on touch-screen technology and have been assembled to completely comply with the PCI-DSS.

Mercator Advisory Group supported this movement in a recent report, stating that "providers in the POS market are attempting to meet market demands by developing solutions that ascend beyond the last generation of POS systems." also reported last October that POS terminal sales had increased the previous year by 9 percent, selling 13.9 million units, with the most growth occurring in the U.S. and Canada.

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