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I do not hesitate to recommend Pivotal to all types of businesses to use for collecting payments and/or to improve their receivables.

Mike S.

Pivotal Payments has helped us save as our volume has increased, by cutting our merchant processing fees without affecting our service.

Mark H.

Our ability to take debit and credit card payments at the customers’ homes makes Pivotal Payments an integral part of our customer service options

Elizabeth C.
September 14 2017

Talents of Pivotal Payments: Spiceoholic Signature Hot Sauces

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August 28 2017

Everything you need to know about authorization-only transactions

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August 25 2017

Understanding How Batch Processing Works

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August 3 2017

Talents of Pivotal Payments: Danielle Tewalt

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July 27 2017

Talents of Pivotal Payments: Suzanne Hogan

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July 27 2017

5 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience

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July 24 2017

Talents of Pivotal Payments: Sean St. Louis

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July 7 2017

My first-hand experience of Pivotal Payments’ evolution from ISO to full Canadian processor

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July 6 2017

Linea Intima: Lingerie. Luxury. Love

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September 27 2017 to September 28 2017

Western States Acquirers Association

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August 28 2017

Pivotal Payments hires merchant services industry veteran Allan Lacoste as Vice President

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December 19 2016

Ed Garcia promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Pivotal Payments

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June 29 2016

Pivotal Payments becomes Interac Association Direct Connector, strengthening its Canadian payments infrastructure

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April 6 2016

Pivotal Payments Selects TANGO for Processing In-House Payments

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October 28 2015

Pivotal Payments announces EMV certification for its FlexPoint® integrated payment processing platform

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October 15 2015

Pivotal Payments proudly sponsors the 2015 Breeders' Cup World Championships

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October 7 2015

Pivotal Payments' FlexPoint takes the POS out of PCI Compliance Scope

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September 23 2015

Pivotal Payments now supports Android Pay™ , bringing mobile wallet acceptance to U.S. business owners

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August 12 2015

Pivotal Payments partners with Grand & Toy® to deliver exclusive merchant discounts

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