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4 Important Reasons to Keep Your Account Information Up-to-date

March 12 2018 | By Helen Baginska

Keeping your merchant account and your account’s contact information accurate is important. When we need to communicate something urgently, we rely on the contact information you provided. Businesses stay with us throughout the years and it’s up to you, our merchants, to ensure you update the information if something changes.

When you keep us updated, it helps us to ensure we can reach you quickly and efficiently and perform tasks required.  Let’s have a look at a few important things we need to be aware of at all times to ensure we minimize issues that may arise.

Reduce the Risk of Getting Chargebacks

When your customer pays with their credit card at your place of business, your business name appears on their credit card statement. Now imagine if you haven’t updated it with your merchant services provider? This outdated descriptor might cause your client to get confused about the charge and file a chargeback with their bank. An updated business name on our end prevents these kinds of situations from happening.

Avoid Deposit Delays

Changed your bank account? Let us know! If you shut down your old bank account without letting us know in advance, your deposits will bounce back to us, creating a delay in your funding. Please plan in advance, so our profile maintenance team has 2-3 business days to process your request and complete all required updates. 

Receive Your Packages on Time

Found a new, bigger space to grow your business? Congratulations! Make sure you let us know when you move, so we could have your address updated. When we have to send you a replacement terminal, paper rolls or an important notice, it’s best if we have the right address on file.

Get the Latest Updates in a Timely Manner

When we need to reach your account urgently for any reason, we need to have your current phone number and your most recent email address on file. If there is an unexpected outage, for example, we should to be able to notify your business ASAP.

We are determined to make sure any changes to your merchant account go easily and without interruptions to your business. Please help us by updating your business information on your merchant account on time. Just give us a call!

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