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5 Mobile Business Technology Solutions for Retail Owners on the Move

May 9 2018 | By Louis Georgakakis

If you have the right technology solutions, you can easily oversee your retail business even if you are far away from your store. Managing your business remotely will give you the flexibility to organize your time in a way that allows you to focus on the business and personal tasks that are most important to you. Here are the technology solutions you should consider if you want to manage your retail operation while you are on the move. Ideally, even if you are at your retail outlet, these tools will make it easier to manage your business.

1. Cloud Inventory & Sales Reporting

Today’s best retail software systems can use the Cloud to store information from a variety of data sources and make it easily accessible to the business owner via real-time reports and business analytics. Not only can the owner keep track of their sales and inventory, they can also use this software system to keep an eye on key performance indicators that will let them know how their business is doing from day to day. Mobile business intelligence solutions can also allow you to keep track of credit and debit card transactions with the security of your business in mind. A cutting-edge business tech solutions partner like Pivotal Payments can help a small business integrate this type of high-level business intelligence software into their operation so that analysts can have all the business data they need right at their fingertips. For example, Pivotal360 online reporting not only gives you access to transaction data, it also allows you to manage that data by doing things such as charting transaction types and fees and viewing daily activity reports on your email.

2. Cloud Employee Scheduling

Scheduling can be one of the most challenging tasks for small business owners in the retail industry. Creating a schedule using the Cloud can streamline this effort and make it as transparent as possible. It will also provide employees with a centralized place to view the schedule and communicate their needs to you. Such software will allow you to have a mobile business management style. The best scheduling programs can be included with or integrated with other management software. This will allow you to have the solutions for all your business needs related to management of the retail outlet in one place instead of relying on different pieces of software for each separate task.

3. Employee Chat

Employee chat software solutions can streamline communications between you and your employees and the members of your retail and management teams. With such a wide array of chat and communication tools available today, it is imperative to have a centralized system for communication for everyone who is involved in your retail business. Otherwise, everyone who works for you would have to download a dozen different chat apps in order to communicate with everyone else. Obviously, your chosen chat solution should be accessible via a mobile app, so you can communicate with your staff even when you are not at your retail outlet.

4. Automated Expense Reporting

Automated expense reporting can be a major time saver, and it could potentially be a money saver as well. Even though it is an important aspect of their business efforts, business owners often struggle to manage invoices, receipts, and expenses. Because of this, expense reporting can often be disorganized and stressful to deal with. Quality expense reporting software will organize your expense tracking in one place, where it can be viewed in real time from your retail location or when you are on the go via a mobile application. Better yet, administrators can use this solution to track employees’ use of the business’s financial resources whether they are dealing with software vendors or sourcing inventory for the retail operation. Automated expense reporting can help in both the short term (because it allows you to spot spending problems quickly) and the long-term (because it can help you improve both the security and spending habits of your business).

5. VoIP

A quality VoIP solution is an imperative part of any retail business’s customer service strategy, and it is also useful for providing a unified system of communication for everyone in the company. VoIP software can not only lower bills for communication services, it can also allow for secure mobile communications via your computer and mobile device. Quality VoIP solutions will work seamlessly regardless of whether the user has an Apple device or is communicating via an Android app. Importantly, from a security standpoint, VoIP software can help business owners with mobile device management because the programs allow for secure communications over devices that are not necessarily owned by the company. In other words, the data and correspondences sent using the software will be secure even if the user’s device is not. From budgeting to payment tracking to communications to inventory and security, business owners can use the above solutions to manage all aspects of their retail operation no matter where they are.

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