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7 Must Have Business Software to Fuel Growth

May 8 2018 | By Louis Georgakakis

In order to thrive, a small business needs to have the right tools. Because business technology is changing so quickly, finding the right technology solutions might not be as straightforward a task as it once was. Sometimes, it may be advantageous to work with a business service provider who understands your business needs and can help you achieve your goals by connecting you with the best software to fuel growth. Here are seven types of software that every business should consider.

1. Cloud Bookkeeping & Accounting

The cloud has streamlined accounting and bookkeeping. Cloud services, including cloud based accounting, are very cost effective because they automate some of the tasks that were once performed manually. Another advantage of cloud-based solutions is that they make data storage and data access simple. You and your bookkeeping and accounting experts can get access to data and see real-time financial updates from the cloud via a computer or even mobile devices. This ease of access makes it a breeze to manage your business finances on the go. Cloud computing is an ever-advancing industry, so whatever booking-keeping and accounting software you choose, it should be able to provide necessary updates and upgrades to keep you ahead of the curve.

2. Social Media Management & Automation

A social media presence is important for every business. Social media can be a great way to advertise and interact with customers, but it can sometimes be quite time consuming. The challenge is to find a way to manage social accounts and campaigns in a cost-effective way. Managing a Facebook page manually can prove time consuming and costly, but software solutions using artificial intelligence can streamline the day-to-day management tasks of social media accounts so that you and your partners and staff members can focus on the tasks that really matter to the success of your business.

3. Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is another necessary business task that can be effectively simplified with the right software. Every small business needs to communicate with existing and potential customers directly via email. This is one of the most effective forms of advertising. Quality email marketing software should do more than collect and store a customer’s email address. It should include an editor so that the employee responsible for the emails can compose and correct them right in the program. The latest developments in email marketing software also include tools that allow companies to use what they have learned from big data to make their marketing campaigns more effective and specifically tailored to their audience.

4. Versatile Point of Sale & Payment Processing

No discussion about small business tech solutions would be complete without talking about payment processing. Flexibility is crucial for both large and small companies. A company’s payment processing software and solutions should be able to accept multiple forms of payment, from cash and debit cards to newer payment options offered on mobile devices. Companies like Pivotal Payments can help small businesses set up payment processing and point of sale solutions that will help businesses give their customers and clients all the options that they could possibly need to make convenient payments.

5. Website Live Chat

Website live chat software requires a company to add a new system to their workflow. However, a good live chat solution can do much more than offer streamlined and effective customer support. These programs also allow companies to monitor their web traffic. This can help them streamline market study efforts, and it can make the collection of Google analytics data easier. Streamlining all these tasks with a single piece of website live chat software can help save money and time.

6. Project Management Software

Ideally, project management software will be scalable. This means the same tech solutions for sharing resources, updating schedules, dividing workload, and communicating with team members can work for small business users as well as medium-sized businesses. As your business grows, your project management software can grow with it. The streamlined communication and project management makes this type of software a worthwhile technology investment for every business that has more than one employee.

7. Employee Chat

Employee chat software can streamline the communication process for everyone who is working on the same projects or in the same department. With this kind of tech tool, team members have one central place to communicate. Not having a centralized communication strategy when there are so many options out there has become one of the most common small business problems. It’s difficult to connect when everyone is using a different chat app. This type of small business technology makes it possible for companies to make certain that their communications are secure and to give employees the tools that they need to effectively communicate with one another without having to download 10 different chat apps on their phones and laptops. The right software can streamline your business tasks and have a positive long-term impact on your operating budget. It is important, however, to make sure that you have the right kind of software and technology solutions for your business needs. This sometimes means working with a business services expert who can help you choose the right software and integrate it into your existing tech infrastructure.

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