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Talents of Pivotal Payments: Sean St. Louis

July 24 2017 | By Helen Baginska

Sean St-Louis is a GlobalOnePay Relationship Manager. He’s also a Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing) fighter. Sean has been an active person his entire life. He ran track in high school and played volleyball (which he still does) in college. He always wanted to try martial arts, so he decided to check out a Muay Thai class before he turned 30. He thought once he hits his 30s he’d be too old for that.

The first class he tried was packed and he didn’t get that learning experience he’s been looking for. After the class he talked to the trainer and scheduled a few private classes. Private lessons allowed Sean to learn much faster and a couple of years later he was invited to fight his first fight. Sean fights one level below the “pro”.

The “pro” fighters are allowed to use “elbow to the face” strikes and it’s not something that Sean can afford. Imagine participating in a high profile meeting with a VIP business with a face all beat up? Not very professional!  That’s why Sean has no plans to move on to the next level. He’s had 6 fights in total so far. Whenever there’s a Muay Thai event, the organizers reach out to the gyms to look for fighters in a specific weight category. One time Sean had to lose 25 pounds in 4 weeks to meet the weight goal. You might be wondering how he did it. Well, he was eating healthy, he cut all alcohol and he was training every single day, sometimes twice a day.

His current gym – Angry Monkey MMA was founded by Justin Etheridge, a friend that Sean has been training with. Sean became one of the first members of the new gym. He joined Angry Monkey not only as a fighter, but also as a coach and a trainer. If you would like to see Sean’s next fight – email him for details at The fight is scheduled for August 26. Come cheer for him!

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