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Talents of Pivotal Payments: Shannon Mooney, A Farm Owner

December 20 2017 | By Helen Baginska

Shannon Mooney is the AVP of Channel Support Management. She’s also a mother to a beautiful girl and the owner of a 55 acre farm. We asked Shannon to tell us her story.

Shannon was raised in Sooke, British Columbia, right in the countryside with large rural areas and farms. Her family never owned a farm, but they lived close to one.

She moved to Montreal as a young adult, where she lived and worked for 10 years, embracing the city life with its fast paced lifestyle. This all changed however, when she met the man of her dreams and decided to start a family. Shannon made the big move back to the countryside, where she hoped to raise her children in the quiet environment of the country.

Pivotal has over 50 employees who are part of its remote workforce, so the transition to telecommuting was seamless. There was of course, a period of adjustment but today, Shannon wouldn’t have it any other way!

They bought a property in Ontario, right near the Quebec boarder and moved. At first, they rented some of their land to a farmer who had 40 cows and a lama. For a few months, partners and colleagues had the opportunity to hear mooing in the background during conference calls with Shannon, because the cows would walk all around the property.

As they spent more time on the farm, they warmed up to the idea of getting animals of their own. They started off with 10 chickens, 5 sheep and a sheep dog. It turned out to be a great decision! Free range chickens lay eggs, and it’s all organic produce! This past summer, they added 3 pigs to their growing number of farm animals, but the pigs turned out to be much more work than they expected.

Being unfamiliar with a lot of farm related things, Shannon and her husband Brandon started watching a lot of educational YouTube videos. This helped them improve their farming skills considerably. Brandon also got into the habit of going to the local Tim Horton’s in the mornings, to chat with local farmers and ask for advice on various things. Everyone in the community is friendly and chatty, so there’s always someone to share their expertise.

Every single day is full of new experiences for Shannon and her family. She has learned so much! For example, she made her own maple syrup this year for the first time ever. She learned the technology all by herself. We are seriously impressed with how Shannon has managed to advance her career, start a family and run a farm. She jokes that the secret to it all is that she doesn’t sleep very much. 

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