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Dial Connection vs. IP Connection for Point-of-Sale Terminals

January 31 2018 | By Helen Baginska

Back in the day, we used dial-up modems to access the Internet. Remember those?  They took forever to connect and they tied-up the only phone line in the house, so you couldn’t get an incoming call if someone else was online at the same time. Ah, the good old days!

Surprisingly enough, some businesses still use dial-up connections for their Point-of -Sale terminals and that’s where there is a catch. As technology evolved, most companies switched their devices to an IP connection as their primary connection mode, leaving a dial connection capability as a backup option.  Dial connection worked well for a while, until the phone companies started replacing analog phone lines with digital ones. Digital phone lines started taking over smaller businesses and the POS terminals on dial connections started experiencing some connectivity issues.

The POS terminal dial connection is meant to work on an analogue phone line and once that line is replaced by a digital one, there’s no guarantee that the dial connection on the terminal will work.

In case your business still uses dial connection, we have a few suggestions for you.

  • Make sure you are using an old school analog phone line.
  • Remove the splitters. Your POS terminal should have a dedicated phone line and should be plugged directly into the phone jack.

If you can, switch your point-of-sale terminal to an IP connection. It makes a big difference.

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